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It is true that Russia might not be high on everyone’s list of holiday destinations. But for the purpose that the nation is calling the attention of the whole world to itself should be one of those important reason you should visit Russia. Wow! Russia is hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Russia has many interesting things to offer to tourists and it is one of the most extraordinary countries in the world. Russia gained its recognition through depth sense of culture and historical value. Also its landscapes had been a motivation for artists and poets all over the world. Although, for a very long time, Russia was tagged a no go area under the Soviet system and that still make people believe Russia is inaccessible today. Well, that was then and this is now!


Perhaps, many have promise themselves ‘I will love to visit Russia’ one day. The time has come to fulfil the promise, the time is now! The 2018 FIFIA World Cup event is a perfect timing to have your dream come true. If you want to see Russia to the fullest, you will need weeks to discover and enjoy the beauty that makes Russia a perfect place to visit; the period when all things are put together for visitors’ satisfaction. More than ever, the 2018 FIFA World Cup event makes residents’ of Russia welcomes each individual with passion and respect. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should visit Russia during the 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament.


  1. Russia History

Russian history may sound like fiction but it is true. It was established by joining Viking’s military leadership with the dreams and ambitions of the people who commanded the main trading routes of Eastern Europe. No wonder it is now among the powerful nation in the world. Throughout its emergence as a nation, Russia experienced several wars and conflict and its be the first country to send human to space. From Roman to Rasputin and the revolution, the visit to Russia gives life to its history, regardless of the period of interest. Imagine meeting with a retired Colonel of the KGB, visiting the underground secret bunker of the Cold War or learning about the spatial career of the Russian perspective at the Cosmonautics Museum. Visit towns and villages not far from Moscow, they are covered with magnificent churches that give an almost unaltered bucolic landscape that consists of the so called Golden -Ring. If your interest is more imperious, you can even stay in an old palace in St. Petersburg, while visiting some of the many palaces of the Romanov family, while seeing, 2018 fifa world cup.


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  1. Russia Art

One among thousands of those beautiful arts you can see and derive pleasure from is the collection of those beautiful pieces in St. Petersburg Hermitage Museum. They are enough to knock you down with a feather. Only Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg has a collection of more than three million works of art. These works include the work of the best artists in the world, such as Raphel, Matisse, Michaeangelo and many other valuable things. Almost every city has at least one art museum with incredible works. Visit Russia is like a rage visit for a community of archeologists.


  1. Russia Food

If you haven’t eaten Russian traditional food, you are missing a lot and you got to try it. It’s quite a unique tasting experience. Among the many things that will surprise you about Russia are the excellent quality of restaurants and food. A hearty soup cooked for a long period of time with a garlic, tomatoes, peppers and carrot; has thick chunks of beef or pork mixed together. This dish is a popular dish that is available all over Russia. It’s hearty and home-like.


  1. Russia Mode of Transportation

You have to see the unmatched size of Moscow underground railway means of transportation. It is highly commendable with much comfort you can’t find anywhere in the world. St. Petersburg and Moscow go together like bread and butter offering significant and quality services. You cannot visit St. Petersburg without seeing Moscow. You can fly between the two regions or simply take the train. Depending on how you want to spend your visitation, you can get between two destinations between 3 to 10 hours. Traveling on a night train with bunk beds like Smena-BetanKur is a life enduring experience. Its really an adventure not to miss.


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  1. Russia People

Once you visit Russia, you will discover that Russian people are one of the best communities in the world to relate with. Unlike some Westerners reserved people who do not accommodate people, the Russian people with open hand offer a warming welcome to their visitor. The Russians are warm, funny and welcome after you meet relate with them. Of course, Russian women are perhaps the most beautiful people in the world. With more than 145.5 million people, you can easily find your choice of friends and relationships. While visiting ground to watch 2018 fifa world cup you can meet them and talk to them, At first, the Russians will not give you a smiling face because the alien as such is considered uneducated. But try to talk to them, you will find something incredible about Russian.


  1. Russia Entertainment

Russia will provide entertainment for almost any taste. The most exciting nightlife in the world can be found in Russia. With the availability of world class renowned nightclubs and free live music in majority of bars and clubs in Russia, you can have quality experience of a life time. In fact, most of the weekend nightclub and bars can be call a home.


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  1. Russia Nature

Russia has numerous parks and places to enjoy scenery; especially the Pushkin district that is full of life and fun of all kinds. The relationship between wildlife and human are much of cordial relationship. Hardly within a minute or two you don’t find squirrels climbing up you and birds landing on your outstretched hand. Surely, you must ask yourself you real position. Is this Russia or something totally different? You will find beautiful gardens, fountains and statues along the nature trails. Do you like a natural landscape and a view of the high mountains? Visit Russia. Russia is the largest country in the world with gorgeous geysers valleys and a beautiful layer of snow such as the Caucasus Mountains and Lake Baikal in Siberia. It is a place filled with untouched nature.


  1. Russia Weather

Because of its size, Russia represents a radically different atmosphere depending on its location. Most countries have a continental climate with different periods of warm and cold weather that increases as it moves eastward. Temperature for Moscow and St. Petersburg ranged between 32 ° C in summer and -25 ° C in winter. Does it look cold? Not for those living in the village of Omyakon where the lowest temperature in the world is recorded at -71.2 ° C. Southern regions like Sochi are popular tourist destinations with a mild subtropical climate.


  1. Russia fabulous luxury hotels

One of the biggest misunderstandings about Russia people is that they don’t welcome people, but that cannot be further truth. Russians are very proud as well as hospitable people who love to meet people from all other cultures and lifestyles. One of the most unforgettable parts of your departure to visit Russia will be the meeting of the local population. Both in Moscow and St. Petersburg lay many opportunities for luxury lifestyles. In Moscow, Ararat Park Hyatt offers spectacular views of the city’s 10-story glass restaurant. These hotels are Russia two best location and service options. Due to its character, it first option will be the historic Savoy Hotel, a classic and independent boutique hotel with 69 rooms. In St. Petersburg, the luxurious Four Seasons Lion Palace, opened in 2013, was created from an ancient palace and is perfectly located at St. Isaac. Hotel Xander Bar is the perfect place to taste caviar and vodka!. Which can bounce it to be the most favorite place for tourists, during 2018 fifa world cup.


    10. Russia Vodka
Although the origin of vodka is still disputed between Poland and Russia, there may not be any country more connected with vodka than Russia. While purity and quality remains the key to any vodka drink, taste and texture of the body cannot be compromised. The Russian standard gold was made with wheat flour and inspired by the old Siberian vodka. Once again, it comes from one of the oldest distilleries in Siberia, this drink is produced with good water from the mountainous Altai region. In fact, Itkul distillery is the only one in Russia that produces alcohol from pure malt. And like the landscape from which it comes, this vodka is fresh, clean and nice. Most of Russia Vodka is made of white winter wheat and six times distilled for mild taste; filtered through silver charcoal.


However, it is pertinent to understand that general entrance to visit Russia can be tough but the good news is that during this period when Russia will be hosting nation of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, many preferential treatment will be giving to visitor all over the world. Have a proper communicate with the consulate, and get your visa to your life time experience.

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