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FIFA World Cup 2018 event is not all about the game; it’s all about fans and the fun. One of the most fascinating moments any sport lover would dream of is to visit the international football event called world cup. Not like your missed dinner which you can easily get the next day. A world cup missed is a pending 4years experience you will have to wait for before thinking of having another. The more reason why mature men of the federations contest for the ultimate price. It is a place where culture mixed with diversity; an avenue where people meet and catch fun.

The World Cup is the most prestigious football tournament, as well as the most watched and adopted sporting event in the world. It fans outweigh even that of the Olympics with the cumulative audience for all matches in the FIFA World Cup 2006 at 26.29 billion people while 715.1 million people are watching the final game throughout the continent. Watching sports has become a truly interactive experience on screens with a fantastic sports boom on the internet.


Although the event is organised in such an attractive ways that compelled the participants/contestants to do more in order to get a reward for performance. With the likes of awards such as the Golden Ball for the best player, Golden Boot for the top goal scorer,  Golden Glove Award for the best goalkeeper, Best Young Player Award for the best player aged 21, FIFA Fair Play Trophy for the team with the best record of fair play and the Most Entertaining Team for the team that has entertained the public the most during the World Cup, the event is highly competitive.


Well, if such huge rewards are meant for the contestant; what about the followers (football fan), what about those of us that neglect everything and travel distances, what about those that endure all kinds pain in the name of love? I believe it is not out of contest if we called ourselves inventors; still more perfect if we say ‘we create our world’. We make the energy in the arena so intense with loud cymbal and flute. We shed tears, laugh, dance, sing and never tired of surprises. We are emotional!

However, in order for fans not to be left out of the fun and rewards the forthcoming Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup is yet to unfold, here are some important accessories you must buy to the event.

  1. Flag

Of all the accessories used by fans on a football pitch, flags remain one of those symbols that reveal the true identity of a person. These flags beautify the football pitches most especially when view at a long distant. This flag is an emblem of patriotism and serve as a means of exploring culture. Unfortunately, most European football league frown at the usage of flags all because of the insecurity problems. This has deprived many loyal citizen their magnificent emission. The good news is that the world cup is a ground of peace where people can still enjoy the privilege of flagship. Nothing symbolize the a national interest like the flag. 

2. Replicate Boot and Shirt

Aside from the gear that players must wear their football kits on the field of play, any core fan also need a replicate of those kits. No football accessories that are in great expectation in the next season or world cup as the case maybe like the boot and jersey. At this time of year, speculation is full of new models and possible features.  No wonder most players nowadays wear customized boot and jersey made of either leather or synthetic materials. Just like any diehard fan of a country in the forthcoming Russia 2018, imitating your best player or representing your country with similar sport kits is inevitable. For example, modern football boots such as the original designed CR7 attracted millions of fan all over the world. The cost of fans’ T-shirts shows the investments made in design, development, innovation and manufacturing. Also significant the level of influence the merchant had over people and how widely it is accepted as a social accepted commodity. .

3. Vuvuzela

The 2009 Confederation Tournament was the first arena for the presentation of this popular African accessory. Ever since then thousands of football fans had made this accessory one of the most popular gadget on the field of play. It horn sound reminds every spectator the possibility of winning a match and the drum was ubiquitous throughout the tournament and the World Cup. The fact that they were ultimately banned on the basis of the Premier League tells never shows it rejection on the foreign basis. Fans throughout the world gladly welcome the use of Vuvuzela and it remain the an integral part of African football culture.


4. Capturing Object (Cameras or Phone)

Capturing data on the field and keeping it for future purposes is one attribute you can’t take away from fans. It gives them a sense of belonging. Aside from the high technological devices such as drone camera used by officials to capture virtually all events on the field, low-capturing device are providing cheap support that benefits not only the official but also the fans. The rise in global digital media as creates much room fan to freely express themselves. Gone are those days when media information is considered a one-way traffic where information is shared by just one outlet. Nowadays, fans co-create sport content through various social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I am very sure, you will not be happy to be left of this opportunity. Having first class information at hand gives you the edge over others. With quality phones that are compatible with good capturing device such as the DoX One Camera express on, you can have you pitch at your fingertips. Also, moving with high powerful camera into the stadium can support your chronicle files. 

  1. Soccer Mat

After event comes relaxation. It is totally a bad idea if you don’t plan for rest. That you don’t have a place to rest after the stress of the day or while you are awaiting the kick-off is a bad omen that much energy will be drain from you. I can assure you that this forthcoming Russia 2018 need mat of high quality and lustre yarn.




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