7-Amazon Elastic File System

Amazon Elastic File System is a simple to use storage platform that will allow you to store excessive files and data. There is a simple interface with different services that will enhance your experience of using the AWS storage services. You can easily mount the files on the platform and access them whenever you like.


  • It has a file system interface that will provide you with seamless integration with many other storage platforms
  • You can scale up and down automatically using different storage services according to your demands
  • Amazon Elastic File System provides the fully managed services
  • Across the instance, you can share the file storage access
  • It has a low cost and the monthly charges are $0.30 per GB
  • The performance of Amazon Elastic File System is scalable and consistent
  • Storage services are available and highly durable
  • Amazon Elastic File System platform is secure


  • The services are very flexible
  • Amazon Elastic File System is robust
  • Affordable


  • There are so many services to look forward to that you might get easily confused
  • Amazon Elastic File System services are limited to certain regions

Final Verdict

You will require learning how to you’re the Amazon Elastic File System but one you do it will be the best storage platform that you can use. If you are looking for a platform that will meet all your required then use Amazon Elastic File System because it has been developed with many features and specifications.

8-Snowball an Amazon web services

It is the perfect storage solution if you want to store the files with petabytes of data. You can use the AWS Snowball on different platforms and it will allow you to meet all the challenges of the market. No codes required for data storage and transfer.


  • Monthly charges are $0.03 GB
  • In less than one day you can easily store 100 terabytes of data
  • All you need is a proper internet connection and you can connect it with other platforms
  • AWS Snowball will allow you to retrieve data anytime you like


  • Available at affordable rate
  • Extremely scalable and works at high speed
  • Secure and tamper resistant
  • Compatible and simple
  • Data retrieval is easy


  • You will have to pay for exporting the stored files
  • It is limited to certain locations
  • Server side encryption is not supported

Final Verdict

If you want an easy to use platform that will provide you with fast data storage and transfer services than nothing can match the AWS Snowball. It might be limited to a few location but if you reside in one of those it should be your first choice with the 10 days free trial.



All these storage services are available worldwide with numerous possibilities. During the selection of the storage services, it is important that you consider your requirements and budget because they might be different from others. Make the right decision at the right time.

Cost Comparison

AWS Storage services Price (per GB)
Amazon S3 $0.023
Amazon Glacier $0.004
AWS Snowball Edge $0.04
Amazon EBS $0.10
AWS Storage Gateway $0.023
AWS Snowmobile $0.005
Amazon Elastic File System $0.30
AWS Snowball $0.03


Recommend storage

AWS Storage services Recommended Storage File Type
Amazon S3 5 GB All types of files
Amazon Glacier 40 TB All types of files
AWS Snowball Edge 100 TB All types of files
Amazon EBS 1750 MB All types of files
AWS Storage Gateway 1 PB All types of files
AWS Snowmobile 100 PB All types of files
Amazon Elastic File System 1 TB All types of files
AWS Snowball 100 TB All types of files

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