When you are ready to design your first AWS hosted application, the first thing you should be concerned about is the loss of data. You might have designed the application with highly resilient and reliable solution but it cannot protect you from the data loss, file corruptions, and other mishaps.

The only solution is an effective backup strategy. Thanks to AWS storage services, you have a variety of options to select from. Here we have the comparison of top 8 Amazon web services for storage.  

1- S3 an Amazon web services

Amazon S3 is the simple storage services that are used by the app developers to store the data of their applications and the business organizations that require cloud space for backup or shared data. With the help of the Service Level Agreement, Amazon S3 will provide you 99.99% availability of objects over the year.

The data will b stored on multiple facilities that are connected with multiple devices, this makes Amazon S3 99.99% durable. It allows automatic encryption data and transfers over SSL once it has been stored. Using identity and access, the customers can control the access and manage object permissions.


  • Only pay for the services you use
  • 99.99% availability
  • AWS calculator will keep track of your usage cost
  • The first 1 GB transfer of data per month is free
  • Inbound data transfer is free
  • Amazon S3 provides free delete requests
  • There are several bucket packages available for you to select from
  • Bucket location is optimized for latency
  • Data encryption and transfer has been secured
  • Data is secured with authentication


  • $0.023 per GB for the package of 50 Tb per month, which makes it affordable
  • Scalable storage is automatic
  • Reliable


  • There are no traditional hosting plans
  • Only the static website will get hosting services

Final Verdict

With four different levels of assistance, Amazon S3 is perfect for the developers, small business organizations, and enterprises. It has unlimited contact, tech support and experienced agents to help the customers.  

2-Amazon Glacier  

It is an object storage service that is highly durable and cost effective. It can easily archive all types of data and will provide a long-term backup for all the data that you want to be stored. It is a solution for the customers that are looking for a storage service for the infrequently accessed data. Amazon Glacier can provide compliance and assistance in highly regulated organizations like financial services and healthcare.


  • To meet the cost requirements and accessibility time you can use 3 different ways to access data
  • With vault lock, you can deploy compliance controls
  • For the secured and controlled access, Amazon Glacier uses AWS management and AWS identity.
  • For cost management and easier resources, it will allow you to tag the Amazon Glacier vaults.


  • Extremely low cost
  • Monthly storage price is $0.004 per GB
  • Easily verified and flexible


  • To retrieve the data you will have to pay for every 1 GB data
  • You cannot access the data instantly.

Final Verdict

If are on a tight budget and cannot afford to have the expensive storage services then Amazon Glacier will be the perfect solution. It will provide you the best services at the lowest possible cost.  
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