huwaei MateBook X

The New Huawei MateBook X launch

A year and a half have passed from the presentation of the MateBook, the first attempt of Huawei to enter the PC market and diversify a range that until then was relegated to two classics, smartphones, and tablets. The device was decent; no longer expected from the Chinese company. However, he did not fall in […]

10 cool gadgets which are going to be release 2018

Every single year, many cool gadgets with innovations are being released to the world . We have passed almost four months in 2018 and we have been lucky enough to see some exciting gadgets, which were released to the market at the beginning. Moreover, some concepts of gadgets, which are expected to be released before […]

DXO One Camera for android

DxO One camera for Android: A debut of new accessories

Don’t you think the technology sector would have become a boring place to be if not for new initiative that always flips in and change the appearance of the industry? We should appreciate those intellectual companies producing such quality accessories that are fun to work with. Most of this gadget help in controlling stress and […]

ps4 pro vs xbox one


Which console is best for play, which one is best and has greatest services and games; in addition, will PS4 Pro vs Xbox One affect your choice? Both Sony and Microsoft companies have manufactured their own cracking consoles in the market. And if you are a kind of person who’s still in confusion regarding these […]