DXO One Camera for android

Don’t you think the technology sector would have become a boring place to be if not for new initiative that always flips in and change the appearance of the industry? We should appreciate those intellectual companies producing such quality accessories that are fun to work with. Most of this gadget help in controlling stress and create memorable life changing scene we can never forget. The advent and impact of big data, cloud storage, security, mobility, analytics, and the Internet of a thing on our life style cannot be over emphasis. Considering the influx of new technologies, mind-blowing products, and innovative services that we continuously find around us, it is certain that with technology, the world is a better place to be.

However, the more these accessories are fluxing in thousand day-to-day, the greater our challenges are surfacing as human. One might be tempted to ask; can this world be great with tech? Yes, It can! If only, all user of tech can actually understand how those gadgets function and how they can be used effectively.

The problem is, the information available in some instants is so difficult to digest by customers or perhaps narrow it down to relevant discussion. Even in some cases, the details is not interesting and ultimately not appealing to your specific audience due to different technological terminology used in disseminating the information. It’s like big data; there is so much of it, that we need tools to help us sort, organize, and figure out just how to use that information to our advantage.

So, in the spirit of sourcing for good technological information, constantly visit and refer other to techbugal.com. We offer quality information piece and easy to read about technology around us. One of those ideas is this information piece for Android phone user on how important DOX Camera ideas can be easily adapted to in order for us to bring the best out of life and technological accessories.

Although the camera on Android phone proved to be ideal for capturing normal photos for Facebook and Instagram publications, but as new iteration improves every day, the gadget still encounters boundaries to its effectiveness due to its small sensor. So what can you do if you want to break the barrier of mobile photography without interrupting the “mobile” part? DxO One camera for Android is a good place to start. It turns Android phone into an advanced compact camera for enthusiasts.

Are you trying to elevate your photograph, are you tired of blurred photography, are you worried on how you will grace the occasion with quality pictures or you are tired of troubleshooting for best angle to get the perfect shoot? Worry less because with the new tech development in Dxo One Camera for Android Phone, no stone is left unturned.

DXO One Camera for Android

The best smartphone application you can buy is to get an Android version and enough updates for an existing iPhone model that makes it even better. DxO One, the first DxO camera hardware, receives a free software update that adds more Facebook Live streaming, time-lapse and more. The most intriguing aspect of this beautiful piece is that customers can register for more information on DxO One for Android, with more details about the product to be released 2 November, 2017.


DxO One, launched in June 2015, is a digital camera with 1-inch 20-megapixel sensor, similar to the Sony RX100. But it’s even more portable than a pocket camera because it removes the color LCD instead of looking for a simple integrated mono OLED display.


Basically, the DxO One camera combines the best in the world of high-end pocket cameras with the maximum guarantee that you are with the best camera. It comes in a neat small package that works with a range of high-quality cameras, including an underwater case, making it a big gun at any place. No limit, no boundaries to where you can shoot. It is highly formidable to have your shoot anywhere you found yourself.

DXO One Camera for Android

Coupled with this perfectly packed gadget comes with a new accessories with a portable external battery that add no more weight to whatever you are carrying. This portable external battery is available for $59.99 and offers double the life of the camera itself which makes your shooting more durable and easy. In addition, there is a new cable back fitting for an existing watertight housing that allows you to hold power-connected while pulling out in the elements or even while working under water. It is included in the outer shell as a free accessory.

Also included in the package is a 3.0 software that allows Live streaming updates on Facebook and transfer from multi-camera using both the DxO One and the iPhone’s built-in cameras for multi-angle shots just in a device. In addition, it gets a new time-lapse function that leads the user throughout the process and uses technology called “Auto Ramping” to avoid flickering effects. The new accessory has a new tilt carrier that allows DxO One to be mounted at different viewing angles when used with hands-free. It’s actually sent in a box with DxO One for free.

DXO One Camera For Android

Unlike additional lenses that simply offer a different visual field, DxO One is a separate camera with its own lens and sensor. Simply use the phone to control, share and manage pictures. Images can be recorded on the phone or on the DxO One MicroSD card. There are only two physical controls on the camera. First, there is a lens cover that slides down to reveal the lens and turn on the camera. Fully press to open the lightning connector; the lens cover returns to the ON position. In addition, at the top of the camera there is a shutter button that works like a separate camera. Common, isn’t this easy?

Finally, since DxO released the Android version DxO One camera, equipped with a USB-C connector, to be compatible with the latest Android smartphones, many Android user have been switching to this path of accessories. The device is available with a program to everyone that willing be seen with interest of getting this smart device, with an additional version of Mobile 1.0 DxO One.

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