How python trim whitespace in a string, It is our target to learn today. For a beginner it raises some questions.

First of all, what is a whitespace?

In the sense of computer programming whitespace or in other words space is also a character but visible to writer as a blank space. White space can be created by pressing keys ‘Spacebar key’ or ‘Tab key’. Spacebar key creates 1 single instance of whitespace but the Tab key creates 4 consecutive instances of whitespace. 

How can python trim whitespace?

Python trim whitespace doesn’t means that to remove all the whitespaces found in a string. Instead it means to remove whitespaces from start and end of a python string. i.e

>>>"  I love python string. "
will becomes
>>>"I love python string."

To complete our target task we have python strip function. Strip function will remove all the whitespaces from start and end of the string.

>>>print(" hi spaces   ".strip())
"hi spaces"

>>>print("hi spaces\t".strip())
"hi spaces"  

Even python strip sibling functions are exist to remove left only or right only whitespaces. 

>>>print(" hi spaces   ".lstrip())
"hi spaces   "

>>>print("hi spaces\t".rstrip())
" hi spaces"  

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