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A 1st person shooter(FPS) video game – overwatch game is a multiplayer online game by Blizzard Entertainment in 2016 for Xbox One, Windows as well as for PlayStation 4. It allows 2 players (6 people in each team) to make a team for shooting matches that includes battling over an objective and taking the other team down to gain victory. The game further provides advice to an unbalanced team with lack of defensive heroes or characters to alter them prior to starting up with the game. The game also allows players to alter characters in the game following their death or by turning back to their home. This offers a better switching counter to the abilities.

  • Overwatch allows a player to choose their heroes at first from the 25 characters where every of the character has its unique style and appearance, dividing their roles into 4 different categories; Defense, Support, Tank, and Offense. The player obtains control over cannon-toting and prioritizing zipping all over like a time-traveling freedom fighter.


Each of the heroes carries a primary skill with minimum 2 additional skills that can be put into effect at any time. Some of these skills require a short cool down period prior to their usage. Moreover, the heroes/ characters slowly establish a meter that allows overtime for defeating opponents or carrying out other exclusive tasks, including healing other members of the team.

  • For the battle, players in a team join hands to fastened and protect/ defend points of control over diverse locations on the map that are being offered by the publisher to make players comfortable and find ease in playing the game. For gaining the victory, every map contains a specific layout.

  • The game further includes levels to make progress, allowing the heroes to look different with a unique sound, making a player capable enough to unlock the customization options at different levels. Players also obtain a cosmetic reward which do not affect the skin of the character.


  • Overwatch gives you an option to invite your friends to a group from various social media networks with personal chat and voice message channels via the use of a microphone.


The instant replay system employed by Overwatch is specifically designed to highlight eminent moments of the game. In the end, the server chooses a fragment of the match that has a greater significance over the progression of the game, just like efficient usage of healing the team or a rapid succession of kills. By following the match towards metagame level by depending on various factors, players achieve experience points that will further assist them in obtaining a loot box, each of which will contain a random cosmetic item from the four that includes victory poses, voice lines, alternate skins and paint sprays. Overwatch also awards the winner player with silver, gold and/ or bronze medal. With the in-game currency, a player also gets rewarded with other duplicate items.    

Find how mercy revitalize its pickup rate with Overwatch

Until now, Mercy in Overwatch has been in debates, whose abilities seem too indispensable to support others in the game. Hence, this made Blizzard take a step towards dramatic rework via making effort to make symmetry relevant in the game. This alteration in the game was assumed to be related to the nerf that could include uncovering abilities to energize the team, substituting her with something else, allowing her to fly all over the world, shoot faster and aid a large number of people at a time with “super boost”. She still holds the ability to energize players (one at a time), with a 30-second cooldown standard ability.

Practically, Mercy- presumed as nerf has been demonstrated clearly to be a buff with the alteration that went live in 1.15 patch. With the turnout, “tempo” brings back to life, allowing a player at a time to revive after every 30 seconds, i.e. worthy than the team encouragement. As a result, Omnimedia separates the new Mercy for an advanced argument.

Overwatch energizes Mercy per game twice the time to make the ability a base power. The healing power of Mercy is still greater than the other supports for healing the kills, uplifting her increasing rate to almost 100% at every level from 65-70%.    


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