validate startup idea

How to validate your startup idea in early stages of product development

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Validate startup idea during early stages of development means you have to, first of all, ask yourself some important questions. These questions are called “startup validation questions” included: What is my target audience? Who are my potential customers? Are people willing to pay for my product/services? Is there room for […]

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – A Groundbreaking Battle Royale Adventure

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Currently, this game is still in Early Access, but it’s already a groundbreaking battle royale-style shooter game. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is actually taking a lot of mechanics from its predecessors, such as H1Z1 and DayZ. The good thing is that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds only took the mechanics that made those games so […]

ModernWarfare versus

Modern Combat Verses is launched on Android and iOS

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Gameloft has now discharged the most recent section in its prevalent Modern Combat establishment called Modern Combat Versus on both Android and iOS. The new online multiplayer game is at present accessible just in select nations and will be discharged overall later on. The organization has additionally said that clients […]

DXO One Camera for android

DxO One camera for Android: A debut of new accessories

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Don’t you think the technology sector would have become a boring place to be if not for new initiative that always flips in and change the appearance of the industry? We should appreciate those intellectual companies producing such quality accessories that are fun to work with. Most of this gadget […]

Amazon web services for storage : Which one is the best : Ep # 4

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7-Amazon Elastic File System Amazon Elastic File System is a simple to use storage platform that will allow you to store excessive files and data. There is a simple interface with different services that will enhance your experience of using the AWS storage services. You can easily mount the files […]