Super Mario odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is a video game that will use Nintendo switch for playing the game. The release date of this game is 27- October- 2017, with a significant event since it uses the travel theme which is considered as one of the most diversified adventures. With a more creative, adventurous and satisfying look, this updated 3D Super Mario game will take its nominal character to go famous in the entire world with some exceptionally produced new abilities from the world underwater to the stone age.

It is a game followed by Super Mario World and Mario 64. As these are classic, everyone will know them even if they have not yet played the game. Half of the nation cannot neglect the awesomeness of this game that excites the major targeted audience.  

Features of Super Mario Odyssey

Having control over every object will enhance the excitement to play this game. Following are the features that may drive you crazy;

  • Cappy

The new hat in the upcoming Mario Odyssey is the biggest feature. This headgear- the cap can be thrown to hurt enemies to take advantage of the unique powers used. While playing the game, you will have to be dependent on this power to influence the enemy to cross the environment and making other beat the enemy, allowing you to access secret areas.

“Different enemies in different situations will increase the entertainment while playing this upcoming Super Mario Odyssey.”


  • World of Kingdom

Following the one-level up approach, upcoming Super Mario Odyssey3D will adopt an enhanced open-ended setup-much similar to Mario sunshine with worlds linked together, known as the kingdom. Currency within the kingdom will be different from one place to another- i.e. the use of purple coins will take place.

This feature was set up in accordance with the theme “travel” that has been used. In-spite of approaching to these kingdoms, character in the game (the player basically) will travel between them in ‘Odyssey’ (rocket ship of the character).


  • Different locations

With the use of the semi-realistic environment, this series of the game will wind up the precious adventures of Mario from moving too much to the familiar locations. New Donk city in New York became the part of this new series where other additions include, vehicles, boasts pedestrians, tall skyscrapers, etc. Jungle filled with dinosaurs and desert landscape has also been included.


  • Buddy creatures

In the series dinosaur like Yoshi was introduced in Super Mario World, becoming its own hero. This trend will be followed even in the upcoming- Super Mario Odyssey. In the trailer, Mario seems to leap on the back of whatever creature appears. Cap is used to controlling stone effigy.


  • Spare changes

From day one of the releases of Mario series, coins have played its role for increasing life and doing a lot more, but in Super Mario, there is more part of finding the hidden coins. It reflects fresh ideas of Nintendo. Exchange of coins at various ‘crazy cap shops’ for getting different costumes is also a pert seen.


  • Challenging experience

Shigeru Miyamoto- the owner, confirms that the upcoming series will revert back to the roots of the character, attracting players (especially those who have parted them away from the game). When finding the hidden power moons, you will have to put more of your reflexes to test.


  • In-depth interaction

In the trailer, Mario seems to interact with various other characters in New York- Donk city. Mario enjoys hopping on the rope with 2 ladies, dances with locals, etc. in the trailer.


  • Fresh enemies

From the very first day, the browser has been the cause of Mario’s problem that will be dealt with in this series as observed in the trailer when Mario kidnaps princess peach with the intention to marry her. There are updated grunts for Mario to handle along with new outings that he will have to face.


  • Snapshot mode

The new photo mode named as Snapshot mode is a needed feature in the new series. It will allow one to freeze time and move to the camera while playing the game. This feature also allows the number of filters to be included in order to change the dimension. It further allows easy sharing to the smartphone.


  • Impression- Hands-on

With the Nintendo switch, excitement level goes up as one can go with a hands-on impression. The upcoming game- Super Mario Odyssey is increasing the excitement with interactive objects and collectibles. Purple coins and power moons are added to buy pieces of clothes as well as decorative objects that further allows hidden areas to be unlocked.

With all the features, the game is full of excitement and rewards you constantly.  You can check Super Mario Odyssey demo here or more action games

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