Technology trends that exist out there in the world are advancing at a rapid pace. Hence, it is extremely important for all the people to have a clear understanding about the tech trends that would capture the world in future. Then you will be able to pay attention towards the appropriate trends and make sure you are not left out by the technology.

Here is a list of some of the most prominent technology trends that you can expect to hit the world by 2020.

3d printing

  • 3D printing

We can see 3D printing used by people in today’s world as well. However, the technology behind 3D printing is supposed to go for a whole new level by 2020. Hence, you will be able to experience 3D printing in a whole new dimension. 3D printing is still being used to mock small items. However, 3D printing would evolve to a level where it would produce applications that are being used by people in their day to day lives.


  • Digital businesses

People in today’s world don’t prefer the traditional methods of doing businesses. Instead, they prefer to take a look at the digital businesses. Digital businesses are in a position to deliver a variety of benefits as well as advantages for the people in need. It can streamline most of the manual business operations and help people to get things done with minimum hassle. A better experience can be offered to the customers and stakeholders via digital businesses as well.


Smart atm machines

  • Smart machines

Technological trends are becoming smarter along with time. Hence, we can expect smart machines to come out by 2020. Most of the machines that we interact with in our day to day lives would become smarter. For example, the ATM machines you use in your day to day life would become much smarter. They can deliver a better experience to you while interacting as well. On the other hand, you will be able to experience an enhanced level of availability, reliability and capability from these smart machines.


  • A connected world

The day where you can control your washing machine while staying at the bed is nearer than you think. It would become one of the prominent technologies by 2020 as well. Not only the washing machine, but also the other products that you use in your day to day life would be connected to each other. Hence, you will find it as an easy task to control all these applications from a centralized place. Internet of Things is powering up these capabilities. Sensor networks can also create a tremendous impact on the results delivered by Internet of Things. They would be low powered sensors and people will not have any issues while they are using on a daily basis. These sensors collect useful information and use them to make the lives of people much comfortable.


cloud computing

  • Cloud computing

By 2020, people would start storing everything that they have on the cloud. All information can be stored in a secure way within the cloud. From the recent studies, it has been identified that about 33% of all data consumed by people would be made available on the clouds. Uploading data into the cloud has become a convenient option available for the people. After uploading, people don’t need to worry too much about the security of their information as well. Whenever a person wants to something, it can easily be done on the cloud. Due to all these reasons, the popularity of cloud computing is expected to increase.


  • Solar power

By 2020, people would be relying mostly on the solar power. They would figure out that solar power is the best source available for them to get the energy requirements catered. Solar power can be considered as one of the widely available sources of energy. The best thing about solar power is that it is available for the people to use for free. Hence, they would drop out the other energy sources such as fossil fuels and go ahead with solar energy. It can deliver a variety of amazing benefits to them in the long run as well.

internet of things
internet of things
  • Internet would be everywhere

People who live in every corner of the world would be connected to each other via internet. It is possible to see this in today’s world as well. However, the connections that take place in between people would be much stronger. People would love the benefits that they will be able to experience by staying connected to each other as well. The high speed internet connections can actually make the entire world smaller. On the other hand, people would get used to a variety of smart wearable devices, which are always connected to the internet. Hence, people will not find it as a difficult task to access the internet and get connected to other people when they want. Moreover, people will start using the internet in order to get most of their work done as well. Hence, the world in 2020 would come to a position where people cannot live without internet. In order to cater these demands and needs of people, internet would evolve to become a better place for everyone as well.


As you can see, you can expect a variety of new technologies to hit the world by 2020. We are just a couple of years away from 2020, but these technologies have a higher potential of coming out in 2020 to serve you.

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